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Clint’s book FREUD IN AMERICA has been released as an audiobook performed by the acclaimed British stage and screen actor Mark Rice-Oxley. The project is also in development for a feature film adaptation.


Check out the Music and Touring page for updates and footage from Clint's international performances


Clint’s book FREUD IN AMERICA made it onto several Amazon best seller lists and was featured in Yahoo News as “One of 2023's Must-Read Books on the Hilarious History of Psychology: Freud in America


Clint’s TV series THIRTEEN SECRETS, a based-on-a-true-story thriller/comedy about the swinger spies of the 60’s and 70’s, was optioned by Scenario Films

Clint’s feature film BLACK AND BLUE, a Tarantino-style buddy cop thriller/comedy, was optioned by Delirium Picture House

Clint’s US/China crossover film THE ELIXIR OF LIFE, a historical/fantasy/sci-fi/martial arts blockbuster, was optioned by the China Film Advisory

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