Another Thing I Miss - Jazz
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Ballad of a Modern Day Cowboy

Runaway Bluesman

©2016 by Clint Miller

Love Is a Wondrous Thing

©2014 by Clint Miller

Freezin' Fiddler

©2009 by Clint Miller

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Clint Miller and The Boys

“In the troubled south seen by singer Clint Miller, souls sift through ramshackle romances amid a landscape littered by liquor, marital mishaps and the suicidal tendencies of bleary-eyed road warriors… His coarse vocals – rough, but ready – provide a suitable and sometimes perfect vehicle for these 21 tales of woe on the road.”


-Joe Tennis, Bristol Herald Courier

“An epic cowboy tale of freedom, blood, sweat and tears that surprisingly delights on just about every level. There are few braver and indeed industrious records than this being released these days... Given that there are elements of country, blues, soul, jazz and bluegrass here and that Miller plays no less than fourteen instruments overall you get the idea of the project this guy has taken on.”


-Del Day, Americana UK

Me, Charlie and the Devil - Folk
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Make It Through the Day - Outlaw Country
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Red Purse Rag - Hip hop/ragtime
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