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Thirteen Secrets is an espionage drama inspired by the true story of the Soviet comedian-turned-spy who screwed his way into the CIA. Aside from his status as a double agent, Karl's biggest secret is that he loves America much more than his Soviet homeland. There is nothing that can compare with the lavish, swinging lifestyle of New York in the 60s and 70s when booze, drugs, and sex flow freely. His colleagues at the CIA have become closer friends to Karl than his KGB overseers could ever be. And the CIA's wild, wife-swapping parties are better than anything Karl ever experienced in the Soviet Union.

But after two decades of sex, stimulants, and spying, Karl has suffered a temporary setback. With his cover suddenly blown, his plush office at the CIA is substituted with a bare prison cell. The only American left on Karl's side now is his bunk mate Loose, the former president of the Hell’s Angels. Karl is facing life in prison, death, or worse: extradition to the Soviet Union.

That's why Karl is hatching an escape plan so crazy that it might just work. With help from Loose on the inside and Karl's wife Hana on the outside, Karl is gaining an upper hand in prison. Thanks to sexual blackmail that hasn't gone out of style since she learned it in the 1960s, Hana has already compromised every guard in the Metropolitan Correctional Facility. It is only a matter of time before Karl and Loose can make their move.

While planning a jail break in the 80s, Karl re-lives the swinging 60s and 70s, spilling the beans on every juicy detail of the CIA's dirtiest, darkest secrets. These thirteen secrets are Karl's backup plan - in case anything goes wrong - and he's entrusting them to a halfway reformed Hell's Angel for safe keeping.

It's time to see the Cold War through the front lines - spies, sex, scandal, and more. From 1964 to 1984, the party never stopped for Karl. And if he can only escape from the Metropolitan Correctional Facility, who knows how long the party might go on. Thirteen secrets will be the key to his success or failure.

Karl is about to try for the impossible all over again. 


The shocking true story of the first man in history to infiltrate the CIA - he did it at swingers parties in the suburbs of 1960s New York. Two decades later, in prison, the Soviet spy trades thirteen state secrets to his Hell’s Angel bunk mate in exchange for protection.

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