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When a Chinese billionaire hires a Shaolin Kung Fu master to serve as his baby Qingqing’s bodyguard, the hardened fighter suddenly finds himself acting as a surrogate father. Eighteen years later, Qingqing travels to a dangerous inner city college in America to study abroad. Her bodyguard isn’t about to let her out of his sight, but the only way for him to remain by her side at all times is to enroll in classes himself. Now a precocious Chinese girl and a grizzled martial arts master are about to leap headfirst into the American college experience. Classes are the easy part.





Growing up surrounded by Shaolin monks, Qingqing quickly became China’s youngest Kung Fu master. But she never learned how to act like a normal little girl. While she might be bold and decisive in combat, in routine social situations she is shy and awkward. Now eighteen, she’s making a new start in America. With a pink Lamborghini and all the latest fashions, Qingqing has learned how to make the most out of her super-rich, absentee father. Now if only she could get her bodyguard off her back, she might be able to make friends her own age for the first time in her life.


China’s greatest Kung Fu master is now a middle aged man in college. While he shared a special bond with Qingqing when she was young, Master Wu does not know how to handle the teenager yearning for independence. He understands that she needs her space, but he also understands that America is a dangerous place. How could he possibly allow her to go out into this terrifying environment without someone watching her back? Master Wu loves Qingqing like a daughter, but life in America is going to test their relationship to the limits.


Ms. Goldstein is a lifelong lesbian without a girlfriend at the moment. In her fifties, she is strikingly attractive, and her personality is persistently endearing. Always earnest and helpful with her students, she takes special care to give encouragement to Mr. Wu, and she is happy to see a man of his age in her class trying to improve his creative writing abilities. She thinks he's writing fiction, oblivious to the fact that he's writing about his actual life. As she praises his interesting word choices, she does not seem to notice that he is falling in love with her. 



A gang member who hangs around a street corner just outside campus, Tiger is a self proclaimed “hood rat” who got his nickname due to the tiger stripes he shaves into the side of his head. Tiger grew up on the street, but he is struggling to find a way out. When some of his street friends target an old Chinese man and a girl driving around in a pink Lamborghini, Tiger risks his life to save the Chinese strangers. Now the little old man is offering to train him in Kung Fu. And after he finds out what Master Wu is really capable of, Tiger’s life will never be the same again.


In this martial arts comedy, a Chinese girl and her Shaolin-trained bodyguard struggle to adjust to life in an American college.

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