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Sovanna is ten thousand years old, and she doesn't look a day over twenty. 


In her long life, many men have pursued her, yet she has fled from all but three. Each attempted affair ended in heartbreak.


With three memorable men, Sovanna learned something unique about humanity. But she's grown tired of rejection.


Now, Sovanna has captured a crashed American fighter pilot fresh from the war in Vietnam. He's plagued with guilt over a bombing raid gone wrong, but if Sovanna can only convince him to forget his remorse for a second, she might finally get her first taste of intimacy in ten thousand years.

Characters inspired by historical figures

Abu Nuwas


The famed Arabic/Persian poet was forced to flee Baghdad due to a fondness for illegal alcohol and forbidden homosexual affairs. Unlike most men, the sight of a mermaid at sea arouses little sexual passion for Abu Nuwas. He'd prefer, instead, to have another drink and recite some poetry.

Zheng He


The most powerful admiral ever to command the seas was a eunuch, castrated in his teens by the emperor of China. After gaining the emperor's trust, Zheng He was sent out with the biggest fleet in history to collect tribute for China. He is bringing back wondrous creatures from the four corners of the earth to display at the Forbidden City. And, after collecting lions, zebras, giraffes, rhinos, and elephants, he's now discovered the most wondrous creature of them all: a mermaid.

Martina Rozells


The loveliest daughter of the Sultan of Kedah, Martina has a diverse lineage. Part Malay, part Siamese, part Portuguese, part French, she has inherited all the most alluring features of each ethnicity, along with the conflicting religious beliefs of each culture.  The Catholic religion of her Portuguese mother, and the Islamic religion of her father the Sultan, have both strictly ruled the Princess's life, leaving her with little control over her own destiny. But when she meets a mermaid named Sovanna, the Princess of Kedah is about to discover new dimensions to her life, her freedom, and her sexuality.

Ching Shih

(1775 – 1844)

Rumored to have started out as a prostitute, Ching Shih is now the most powerful woman in China. Known as the Pirate Queen, she controls more territory than the Qing emperor, and she rules hundreds of millions of people in China's coastal towns and waterways thanks to her mighty pirate fleet. But Ching Shih is not satisfied with what she has accomplished. And, with help from Sovanna, she is about to take her power to the next level.

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The Last Mermaid

As the world’s last living mermaid roams the seven seas in search of true intimacy, she’s about to learn all the hidden secrets of humanity. 


SOVANNA introduces a lyrically magical world that invites readers to look at life and love through new eyes.


The literary novel features exotic settings and time periods, diverse voices (including LGBTQ stories), and strong female characters.


The book establishes a unique universe to set the stage for a series with wide appeal for an international audience.

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