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Omnaural Perception

January 05, 2014

A study on collective intelligence and the manipulation of time perception using monaural and binaural beats - based on original experiments conducted by Clint Miller's research team at Zhengzhou University. The work was peer reviewed and published by the International Journal of Bio-Science and Bio-Technology. 

Our Diamond

March 01, 2011

During the horrors of the Holocaust, five women imprisoned in Auschwitz escape their fears and revive their spirits by pretending to act out a play in front of an imaginary audience.  With the help of a smuggled diamond, they will orchestrate a powerful and stunning emotional victory over their Nazi captors to prove to their imaginary audience that triumph can be torn from the depths of tragedy.


As you watch this play, you will soon understand that the imaginary audience was never imaginary at all, because you are a part of it.  These women will transcend their surroundings and stare directly into your soul from the stage.  They will teach you about the unique human bond that can restore strength and dignity to even the most oppressed people.

Originally published by Baker's Plays in 2009, the play was rereleased by Samuel French in 2011. It was selected for the Holocaust Theater Catalog, presented by the National Jewish Theater Foundation, and was also included in the Women, Theatre and the Holocaust Resource Handbook.

The Book of Change

October 01, 2007

Released by Cambridge Scholars Publishing in the United Kingdom, this book analyzes concepts as if they were two-sided coins, leading to a unique world view centered on the idea of embracing opposites. This text translates logico-philosophical truths into poetry and borrows from ancient Far Eastern philosophical traditions to depict the universe in a new light.

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