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(Horror, Science Fiction)

A realtor struggles to sell a haunted house with a gory past. Only three people show up to her Open House. One is a documentary filmmaker and the other two are government agents/scientists who believe the house is situated on a unique energy source. When all of them decide to spend the night there, the house’s energy starts to manifest their worst nightmares.


Fourth dimensional energy causes a kind of neuron agitation that convinces the brain that a person’s worst fears have come true. At least that’s what the two guys in suits are trying to convince us. But the freaky things happening all around us seem more significant than just an illusion in the brain. These things seem real enough to kill, or worse.

KIMMIE is a stunning blonde, beautiful outside and in, yet she’s been unsuccessful in her love life. She’s also the best realtor in town, yet she can’t seem to sell this stupid house. She takes it all in stride, and she’s giving it her best shot at the Open House. She’s not the kind of girl who gets scared about rumors of a haunting. And none of that fourth dimensional energy nonsense worries her at all. The only thing that scares Kimmie is her abusive ex-husband, Chris. And the fourth dimensional energy is about to manifest an utterly demonic version of Chris that will stop at nothing until Kimmie is dead.


SKY is a free-spirited documentary filmmaker who has been begging her best friend Kimmie to let her shoot a short film at the supposedly haunted house. When two odd men in suits show up at the Open House and ask to spend the night, Sky asks if she can join — and get some footage in the process. But the fourth dimensional energy is going to significantly affect her film — and our viewing experience— until nobody will know what’s real anymore. Sky’s worst fear is coyotes, and a whole pack of them are about to invade the house. If she can survive their bloodthirsty pursuit, she might just have a hit film on her hands.


JAKE works as an agent for the Expeditionary Taskforce for Fourth Dimensional Energy. This is an experimental group funded by the government with the aim of locating untapped, renewable sources of energy. Jake handles the business end, and he leaves the science stuff to his partner. Jake’s a good ol’ boy who’s more interested in chasing girls than tapping into fourth dimensional energy. While his partner is studiously recording power levels, Jake’s doing his damndest to get to first base with the “hot realtor.” But things are about to get too hot for Jake to handle, literally. Jake’s worst nightmare involves fire, because his father was a firefighter who died on the job. Now, the fourth dimensional energy is causing Jake to see fires everywhere. He knows it’s supposedly all in his mind but… it’s actually hot — and his skin is actually burning. This house is different than the rest. They might not survive this.


GRANT is a brilliant scientist pioneering the theory that many so-called “haunted” houses are really just situated in areas subjected to large, fourth dimensional energy bursts. He’s got a machine that he brings from house to house that can gauge, and channel, this energy. And now he’s found the perfect house, situated on a fourth dimensional energy hotspot. During the Open House, he gets some of the best energy readings he’s ever seen. But as the night progresses, Grant will find himself confronting his worst nightmare from years past: a terrifying, 12-year-old bully. If he can’t conquer this old fear, nobody will make it out of this house alive.


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