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(Comedy, Horror, Sci-fi)

Five friends will never be the same again after a weekend in a cabin with an exotic woman named Lil. Distracted by relationship drama, most of these friends won’t realize until it’s too late that Lil is definitely not human.

This is a Kafkaesque journey through male-female dynamics with several unique surprises along the way. Featuring a small cast and very limited location requirements, this is designed as a low budget, high concept fantasy thriller.

Kaleb came out fifteen years ago in high school when the world was a different place for gay men. He would have never made it through those years without his two best friends Joy and Stacey. Unfortunately, their boyfriends at the time were crude, homophobic jocks/jerks. To Kaleb’s horror, the boyfriends later became husbands.


Things have been rocky for the girls, and they planned this weekend getaway with Kaleb to talk out their issues. Unfortunately they had to bring their overly-offensive husbands along, and these guys treat Kaleb like high school never ended. But Kaleb is a new person now, and he’s finally ready to stand up to the old high school jocks who once tormented him.


He brought his new friend Lil for emotional support. She’s beautiful, in an other-worldly way, but she’s kind of shy around new people. Kaleb explains to his friends that she’s got “body issues” but what he really means is… Spoiler alert: Hidden beneath her clothes, Lil’s got a tail. A long, barbed – almost demonic – tail. And she claims to have used it to kill thousands upon thousands of men. Kaleb thinks she’s just joking about the murder part, probably. But he’s got bigger issues to deal with right now.


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