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Black and White, Blue and Gray

Thomas Jefferson’s black grandson goes undercover as a white Confederate during the Civil War to save his brother from a notorious southern POW camp. Based on true stories passed down by the descendants of Jefferson’s slave Sally Hemings, this is an action-packed drama focusing on a forgotten piece of American history.

Madison Hemings was both Thomas Jefferson's slave and his son – born from an affair with Sally Hemings. Freed at Jefferson's death, he went on to raise a large, happy family in Ohio. When the Civil War broke out, Madison's oldest son, Thomas, joined the United States Colored Troops and marched off to war. 


After being captured in the Nashville Campaign, he was sent to the Confederacy's most infamous prison camp: Andersonville. When his family received word, they knew Thomas did not have long to live. Thousands of men were dying each day in Andersonville, and blacks received the worst treatment. So Madison sent his youngest son south to save his oldest son.


Fifteen-year-old James's mission was to pass as white, infiltrate the Confederacy behind enemy lines, and free his brother.


Arriving in Andersonville, James found an unlikely ally in a beautiful, widowed southern belle named Savannah Staunton. Together, they set out to do the impossible.

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