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FIGHT BACK by Clint Miller.jpg


(Thriller, Dark Comedy)

When Tamara invites her boss, Karen, over for dinner, she has no idea that Karen’s unfolding Me Too moment with their company’s creepy CEO is about to put both of their families in jeopardy. Soon, hired thugs show up at the house, disguised as cops, ready to unleash a campaign of terror against them. Now a black family and a white family will have to join together to defend themselves against horrifying odds.


Like GET OUT, this thriller has deeper underlying themes. FIGHT BACK explores issues of gender, race, and family through edge-of-your-seat suspense, heart-pounding thrills, and intense action.



TAMARA is the kind of strong, black woman who needs more representation in film. She’s ambitious, attractive, and assertive when necessary. She invited her boss Karen over for dinner before finding out about Karen’s pending lawsuit against CEO John Morgan. When the dinner is interrupted by increasingly harassing policemen (sent by Morgan), Karen tries her best to convince Tamara to fight back. But Tamara’s brother was killed by a cop ten years ago, and she’s going to have to overcome a lot of mental trauma before she’s ready to stand up to these uniformed bullies invading her house. It’s going to take seeing her son in danger to convince Tamara that it’s time to fight back. And when she finally unleashes herself and her husband against these men, they won’t stand a chance.


JAMAL has spent fourteen years adjusting to life in the suburbs. People there know him as an affable dad and as the owner of the Fairfield Hotel. But back in the day he worked in the music business, and sometimes he misses the adrenaline-filled life of gangster rap. Tamara made him promise to give up that lifestyle when they married, and by now he seems like an old softy. But tonight his wife might just give him a pass, and Jamal might rediscover his wild side.


KAREN would never admit it, but this is the first time she’s ever been invited over to a black family’s house. She’s not racist or anti-social, just a raging workaholic – keyword raging. She recently boiled over after HR ignored her sexual harassment complaints. She told CEO John Morgan to his face that she was filing suit against him. But Morgan is willing to resort to lethal methods to keep this out of court. And he’s about to show Karen just how far he’s ready to go – to silence her for good.


RICHARD, Karen’s husband, is an obscure and amiable Canadian artist. Perhaps he’s an intellectual, or perhaps he’s just high. Richard has always wanted a black friend, and he hopes tonight will be the night his dream comes true. But when Morgan sends a pair of fake cops to the dinner party, they use Richard’s penchant for marijuana and his Canadian citizenship as reasons to harass him. Little do they know – Richard’s new friend Jamal is about to show Richard how to fight back.


TJ is smarter than the average teenage boy – but he needs motivation. Tamara entices her son to attend the dinner party by showing him a picture of her boss’s attractive daughter, Isis, who will be coming. Tamara knows that this is the only way to ensure that TJ doesn’t wear sweatpants. What she doesn’t realize is just how head-over-heels in love TJ is about to become.


ISIS is the teen daughter of a workaholic mom, Karen, and a spacey artist, Richard. She has a unique and slightly jaded view of the world, partially because, in her opinion, a terrorist organization stole her name and ruined her life. She’s got a dry wit and an endearing charm. And she’s starting to think she likes TJ just as much as he likes her. But things are getting in the way of their romance.




MORGAN is the kind of CEO who can get away with anything – crude comments, bad behavior, lewd innuendos – but now his Time’s Up. When he finds out Karen is bringing a lawsuit against him, his desperation to avoid a trial will drive him to hire a group of thugs to intimidate her. Knowing that Karen is planning to recruit Tamara to testify in the lawsuit, Morgan sends his men to Tamara’s house the night that the two families meet.


OFFICER SMITH and OFFICER WESSON are two fake cops who are going to see how far they can take things. Real cops can get away with a lot in America. Fake cops can get away with a lot more. They won’t stop until Karen and Tamara agree never to testify against Morgan.


THE MASKED THUGS: When they realize that the two families are prepared to resist, Officer Smith and Officer Wesson gather together a group of masked men in suits – all armed with handguns. The masks, of course, depict President Donald Trump. And in a jaw-dropping finale, this armed, masked posse is going to storm Jamal’s hotel with orders to kill on sight. What they don’t realize, however, is that Jamal stashed away some automatics from the old days. And Tamara thinks it’s time to FIGHT BACK.

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