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(Action/Adventure, Thriller, Comedy)

CIA agents pose as musicians and dancers for the world’s hottest pop star, Rio, to untangle a global terrorist plot. Rio soon becomes harder to handle than the terrorists.


SPY (box office: $235.7 million), THE HEAT (box office: $229.9 million), KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE (box office $414.4 million), CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE (box office: $217 million), GET SMART (box office: $230.7 million), THE OTHER GUYS (box office $170.4 million), and KINGSMAN: THE GOLDEN CIRCLE  (box office: $410.9 million).


RIO is the biggest name in entertainment, and her over-the-top behavior sells out venues across the world. Inwardly, she’s a passionate artist plagued with deep anxiety over her stardom. Outwardly, she’s an abusive diva whose outrageous antics cause scenes wherever she goes. People who work for Rio end up with everything from sprained ankles to nervous breakdowns. But if Rio can just find the right assistant, she’s confident she can take her career into the stratosphere.


MIRA is one of the CIA’s best young female recruits, and she’s aced every mission the agency has thrown at her. But “diva duty” is unlike anything Mira has ever experienced in the field. While posing as Rio’s young, hip assistant, Mira’s got to ensure the smooth running of a world tour where each concert date conveniently corresponds to important CIA missions. But if Mira can’t learn how to handle Rio’s erratic mood swings, the entire tour is in jeopardy.


COEBURN is the rough-and-ready, tough-as-nails chief of the “Central Touring Agency,” which is a front for top secret CIA work across the world. A master of disguise, Coeburn can completely transform himself for each new mission. Currently, he’s got to charm a temperamental pop star well enough to manager her tour. The ostentatious and flamboyant persona he adopts to achieve this impossible feat is as hilarious as it is effective.


DANIELS is a world-weary agent who’s spent a decade in the field already. He doesn’t listen to modern music and has no idea who Rio is. Somehow, he’s been sent to play drums in her band, but he’s got bigger problems to deal with. Priority number one is killing terrorists. But after he meets Rio in person, Daniels begins to rethink his priorities. Rio is about to give him a completely new lease on life. There might be more to happiness than killing bad guys after all.


JJ is a fresh college graduate who has spent a year in data analytics at the CIA. Suddenly, a background check reveals something that JJ has tried to keep hidden: in high school he belonged to a boy band called Boy-tastic. In fact, JJ once dreamed of becoming a world class dancer, but gave up the idea to pursue a different career path. All of a sudden, the CIA is giving him the chance to reclaim his lost dream. He goes from working behind a computer to dancing on stage beside the world’s biggest pop star. But he’s beginning to wonder if he’s in over his head. Dancing is a lot harder than he remembers. And then there’s the mission to worry about.


JESS is a low level CIA accountant who responds to a call for fresh agents willing to travel to exotic locales. Suddenly she finds herself on a world tour, using her financial knowhow to follow money trails in a sinister web of terrorist transactions. While she’s at it, she’s got to balance Rio’s books and make sure the tour stays on budget. And in her off time, the CIA needs her to assassinate a crucial target. No pressure – only the fate of millions of people.


After “diva duty,” none of these agents will be the same again. They will discover sides to themselves that they never knew existed, and they’ll save the world in the process.

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