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BLACK AND BLUE optioned by Delirium Picturehouse, repped by Sean Dubravac at Entertainment Lab.

THIRTEEN SECRETS optioned by Scenario Films, repped by Sean Dubravac at Entertainment Lab.

THE ELIXIR OF LIFE optioned by CFA for the Chinese market, produced by Tristan Strange.

THE PRESIDENT’S BLUESMAN optioned by Chesapeake Films, produced by Joel Franco.

Feature Films

Action/Adventure, Science Fiction, Martial Arts

Twin brothers Yin and Yang team up with a secretive girl named Huo to save China. She's been training at the Shaolin Temple disguised in the robes of a man, and she's got an even bigger secret that's about to change history. Developed in China, the screenplay is available in English and Chinese.

From the Jim Crow South to the White House, this is the true story of the bluesman who used the power of his music to change the history of civil rights in America. Optioned by Chesapeake Films and produced by Joel Franco, this film explores the birth of the civil rights movement and the birth of the blues.

The Old Ways

Action/Adventure, Western, True Story

In 2003 the Department of Homeland Security reconvened the Shadow Wolves for the first time in thirty years. Back in the 1970s, these Native American trackers were deputized to hunt down drug cartels along the American border. Now, they are being recruited to train special forces in Afghanistan to track down the perpetrators of 9-11. During their rigorous training in the Hindu Kush mountains, the Shadow Wolves teach new skills to the troops by recounting key events in Native American history. Based on true stories, this series explores the epic history of early Native Americans, while their modern, multi-ethnic descendants use ancient techniques to kick ass in Afghanistan.

Black and Blue

Action/Adventure, Drama

An African American boy with a toy gun  becomes the victim of a white cop's overreaction. After being grazed in the neck, the boy is kidnapped by the panicked cop, and despite both their efforts against it, this unlikely pair will develop a unique bond that will soon be tested to the limits.

The Last Mermaid

Fantasy, Sci Fi

As the world’s last living mermaid roams the seven seas in search of true intimacy, she’s about to learn all the hidden secrets of humanity.

The Secret History of the Blues

Musical, Comedy, Historical

 It's 1956 and FBI director J. Edgar Hoover has just hatched an elaborate plan to eliminate the biggest threat to America since Communism: blues music. Traveling first to the Deep South and then to the rural Appalachian  Mountains, Hoover's fanatic quest to find the roots of the blues will betray much deeper secrets not only about the music, but also about the man who set out to destroy it.

Undergrad Under Guard

Martial Arts, Action/Adventure, Comedy

A rich Chinese girl and her Shaolin-trained bodyguard struggle to adjust to life in an American college. Classes are the easy part.

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TV Series

Miss Manhattan

Pilot available (60 min.)

When America’s earliest supermodel becomes the first woman to appear nude in cinemas across the nation, the ensuing scandal shakes the foundations of her sanity. A true crime murder mystery ensues.

My Friend the Demon

Pilot available (30 min.)

A guy falls for a girl but struggles to introduce her to his best friend/roommate: a sassy, interdimensional demon.

Thirteen Secrets

Pilot available (60 min.)

A thirteen-episode, multi-season serial drama inspired by the true story of a Soviet comedian-turned-spy who became the first man in history to infiltrate the CIA. He did it by befriending unsuspecting agents and their wives at underground swingers parties in 1960’s New York. Each episode is a flashback narrated from the New York Metropolitan Correctional Center in 1984, where the former spy offers thirteen valuable state secrets to his Hell's Angel cell mate in exchange for protection.


Pilot available

A documentary filmmaker and two war correspondents discover an ancient tunnel in Iraq leading to an underground civilization; soon these three unlikely ambassadors are the go-betweens in a potential global conflict between the ancient underworld and modern mankind.

War 2.0

In Development

A billionaire Silicon Valley philanthropist creates a global fleet of “Guardian AI” drones to effectively put an end to all war. The drones, already numbering in the millions, instantly detect and destroy any perpetrator of any act of physical violence – anywhere. This creates a world where politicians use lawyers and economists for war, instead of infantry and artillery. Nations go to battle in life and death trade deals, litigations, and political maneuvers in War 2.0, and the stakes have never been higher. This series explores contemporary issues of economics and global conflict through the lens of a future that could be just around the corner.

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