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ALGORITHM - by Clint Miller - extra pict

Clint on harmonica showcasing a song from the soundtrack with Carnatic musicians in Kerala. 


(Action/Adventure, Thriller, Drama)


A mind-bending, action-packed journey through India with the fate of the world in the balance: When a computer scientist invents an algorithm to crack any password or PIN number in the world, he plans an economic revolution while assassins close in on him. He flees to his hometown in India to seek spiritual guidance from a reclusive guru and to reunite with a lost love. Together they embark on an epic adventure through the backwaters of Kerala with the world’s best hit men hot on their trail. This is a high-intensity and visually-immersive cinematic experience that also explores deeper issues of global income inequality.

The Dreamer:


ADITYA is a brilliant, young Indian computer scientist who’s created an algorithm to decipher any PIN number and crack any password. Now every wealthy nation on earth, along with an assortment of rich corporations, have sent assassins to kill him. But the world’s best hit men are having a hard time tracking him through the backwaters near Varkala, where he’s fled to seek spiritual guidance. Aditya needs to find out if he’s chosen the right path – because he’s about to change the world as we know it.

The Guru:


GURVEER has been living in near-seclusion for at least thirty years. He’s been to Nirvana and back, all in the mental realm. But now he yearns for an adventure in the physical realm. And his new friend Aditya needs more than just guidance, more than just a guru. He needs a relationship counselor. Gurveer’s got to help Aditya win back the love of his long lost sweetheart.


The Goddess:


MEERA BAI is worshiped like a deity in her small village downriver from Varkala. Her beauty, her distinctive dancing, and her life-changing singing have overawed villagers since her youth. Meera grew up with Aditya, and they fell in love as children — until Aditya’s parents shipped him away to America to study computer engineering. Meera recently sent Aditya a letter telling him she decided to marry a god, the Lord Krishna, instead of him. What she doesn’t want Aditya to know is that she’s been diagnosed with a brain tumor. It turns out that Meera’s miraculous musical abilities are caused by a calcified tumor in her auditory cortex. She refuses to allow surgeons to operate, because she doesn’t want to lose the beautiful songs in her head. By the time Aditya finds out, it might be too late.


The Rogue:


TAGGERT is a dashing and dangerous CIA agent privy to the devastating top secret assessment: the US government is positive that Aditya’s algorithm will lead to the collapse of modern society. But Taggert’s not just trying to save the world. He wants a little something more out of the deal than an agent’s salary. Now he’s tracking Aditya through the backwaters of India — and thinking about going rogue.



Together, this unlikely team will upend the global economy as they undertake a transformative journey through Kerala.

The Location:


Photographs by Clint Miller and Marika Clark in the vicinity of Varkala

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